How To Get Pixel 2 Look And Feel Into Your Phone

Google pixel 2, it is a distinctive phone which has a different and distinctive home screen. As the Google phones all the phones which is authorised by the Google or debuted with the Google. They provide the different home screens in the Nexus series. Google has their Google Now launcher in the home screen for pixel series. Google has launched pixel launcher for the Google pixel 1 and pixel 2 XL but this launcher is not available on Google play store for other Android users.

But there is no need to worry the Android smartphone users can even download other Launcher which also look alike pixel launcher on it even could be better version of the pixel launcher.

For that the user of Android Smartphones devices can download launchers like as follows —

Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair Launcher, this launcher helps a user for the pixel theme launcher they can use in their smartphones. It has some issues like it still does not have the dock search for but it has the pixel folders and some adaptive icons somehow they are not quite good as some other launches have as compared to this but it is a simplest way to get launcher or theme like pixel mobile phones on Android smartphone. It was developed by deletescape.It requires the Android version of 5.0 and above it has 100,000 of downloads. In the latest version for latest update of this application. They have improved and fixed some languages translation and they have added more options for the snow falls. This application allows the user for Dock customisation. The user can even customise the size of the grades and the variable icon. It Supports icon pack. It is available on Google play store for free of cost for the Android smartphone users.

Action Launcher – Oreo + Pixel on your phone

Action Launcher, this application was developed by the action launchers Limited Australia. It has more than 5 million of download . It requires the Android version of 5.0 and above. In the latest version or latest update of the application, they have fixed the box and the optimisations in the application it’s pause the supporter pack of 2018. The user can drag the animation icon adaptively and they can even adapt this zoom developers from API and much more. This application helps the user to access or feel their phone like they are having Google pixel 2 or any smartphone which is updated with Android 8.0 that is Android Oreo. The user can change the colour and can access to the unique features for making their home screen better this application allow the user for all pixel launcher features it provides shortcuts full notification dot support, quick bar, quick edit, smart size icons, Google Now integration and the best part of us launcher is it can be run on any Android smartphone device at free of cost .The user can even change the covers of the background and even they can hide the folder while covering with this application . It was number one of the Android best launcher in 2016 and it was awarded the best application in Google Play Store in 2015.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher, it was developed by the tesla coil software in Chicago USA it has more than 50 millions of download and in the latest update and the latest version of this application is developers has fixed the bugs and optimisations. The user can find thousands of things for icon on the Google Play Store for the Nova Launcher. It is highly optimised and it is passing used as it work quickly and it keeps the graphics and animation smooth which let the phone work good and fast the user can even backup the outlet or layout of the desktop and the settings of the launcher. This application has improved the widget draw and it is customised abroad which was the user for the custom tabs vertical and some other effects this application is easily available on Google Play Store and the user can feel like they are using pixel 2 Android smartphones.

About the Author: Sunil