Best Tasker Profiles For Android

There are a few tasks you can automate on your Android phone with Tasker profiles. For example, you can read SMS out loud, launch your music app when you plug in your headphone, or work without root access. The possibilities are endless. Here are 17 examples of Tasker profiles to automate your Android phone. Try one or all. Enjoy! Then, tell us in the comments below how they made your life easier.

17 tasks you can automate on your Android phone with the help of Tasker profiles

If you want to save battery life and do not have the time to perform each task manually, you can automate them with Tasker. It works by identifying specific phone states and contexts to perform certain tasks. It can even respond only to specific messages. You can even use Tasker to control your smart home from a distance with your fingerprint. Here are 17 tasks you can automate on your Android phone with the help of Tasker profiles.

You can use Tasker to automate almost everything on your Android phone. From rotating the screen when you open the YouTube app to disabling the lock screen when you leave home, Tasker can do it all. The app works like If This Then That – it allows you to trigger different actions depending on certain events. The app works best with Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Work without root access

Previously, if you needed root access to use Tasker, you couldn’t do anything. But thanks to a new update, you no longer need to be rooted to use the app. It now combines tasks from multiple apps and allows you to automate them, all without the need for root permission. So now, you can set tasks to happen automatically, without spending your time repeating the same action.

You can download Tasker from Google Play or Dropbox. You’ll need to have an Android device, and you need to enable the app to work without root access. You can install the app from here. After you have installed it, create a profile and set up your tasks. This will allow Tasker to know what to do and when to do it. Alternatively, you can create your own custom profile and customize it as you like.

Read SMS’s out loud

Tasker lets you set custom notifications that will trigger when you receive a new SMS message. You can set them to read in several different languages, including german, french, Italian, and spanish. You can customize the settings for the Received Text and Sender fields with advanced filters. You can also disable the Read SMS profile and toggle it to enable reading when the phone is docked. Once you’ve configured the notifications you want to receive, you can choose how often they should be read out loud.

Launch music app when you plug in a headphone

If you’re a music lover, then a smart way to enjoy your favorite tunes is to automatically launch a music app every time you plug in your headphones. Android users can set this to happen before running or after work. But before you can set it to happen automatically, you’ll need to download a third-party app. You can find a list of compatible applications in the Play Store, then look for the appropriate setting.

Plug In Launcher is a free download for Android that lets you automate actions by launching an application when you plug in a headphone or power cord. This way, you can start listening to your music even when you’re not at home.

The app will also open your file manager and music player when you plug in your headphones. However, it may be confusing to set up this kind of automation, especially for non-tech-savvy users.


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