Can an APK file infect window operating system of computers?

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We see that any virus of application infects computers and sometimes cause considerable damage to your system. Even, when you are using your Android phone; there is surely a possible chance of getting infected by downloaded APK files in your devices.

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The main factor or chances to get infected in such a way is that the said APK files were being downloaded from any unidentified source or via any external Google Play. We can easily get that the files that are downloaded from such mysterious or unfamiliar sources might contain malware and get access to your computer that may damage your system severely.

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Let’s take an example of the BlueStacks which is a Virtual Machine and runs on certain parameters that permit the Android applications to run on personal computers such as Windows operating systems. The android device applications are installed on the Windows system and run on its player who never makes any difference in the host system. Many cases and examples have been observed that Android malware had endeavored to infect the Windows operating systems on large scales. Even, you may have come across with exciting news that a Windows menace had also attempted to infect the Android phones devices as well.


However, there are certain ways to protect your desktop computers from infecting your Windows operating system from the Android APK files. It is better to install the pocket tv APK files from reliable sources like Google Play store and avoid downloading from unauthorized sites that can harm your operating systems.


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