DU Speed Booster: Your Go-to Android Optimizer

In an age dominated by smartphones and digital technology, the smooth and efficient operation of these devices is paramount. For Android users, one popular tool that promises to optimize device performance is DU Speed Booster. Developed by DU Apps Studio, this utility app aims to enhance the overall speed and functionality of your Android device. From freeing up system resources to cleaning junk files, Speed Booster packs several features into it’s interface, ensuring your device runs at it’s optimal capacity.

What is DU Speed Booster?

DU Speed Booster is an Android application designed to boost your device’s performance by clearing cache, deleting unwanted files and managing applications. As a multi-function utility, it provides a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to different aspects of device performance, including speed acceleration, trash cleaning and app management.

Speed Acceleration

The speed accelerator is one of DU Speed Booster’s primary features. It scans for applications running in the background that consume system resources unnecessarily. Once these apps are identified, Speed Booster frees up these resources, thus enhancing the speed and overall performance of your device. This feature is particularly beneficial for devices experiencing lagging issues or slow response times.

Trash Cleaner

Over time Android devices accumulate redundant files, cache data and other junk files that take up valuable storage space. DU Speed Booster comes with a Trash Cleaner feature that scans and removes these files. In addition to freeing up storage, this feature also enhances your device’s operational efficiency by reducing the clutter in your system.

App Manager

Managing apps on your device is crucial for maintaining optimal performance. DU Speed Booster’s App Manager feature helps users handle all the apps on their device with ease. It allows for batch installation and uninstallation of apps and moving apps to the SD card. It also provides insights into the storage consumed by each app, helping users make informed decisions about which apps to keep or remove.

Game Booster

For gaming enthusiasts, DU Speed Booster offers a Game Booster feature. This module optimizes your device’s resources to provide a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. It achieves this by allocating more resources to your games while they are running, thereby improving frame rate and reducing lag.

Network Optimizer

The Network Optimizer is another unique feature of Speed Booster. This tool assesses your network settings and makes necessary adjustments to maximize internet speed. It’s particularly useful for users who rely on their devices for high-bandwidth activities such as streaming and online gaming.

Pros and Cons


  1. Comprehensive Features: DU Speed Booster offers a wide range of features such as speed acceleration, trash cleaning, app management, game boosting and network optimization, making it a versatile tool for device optimization.
  2. User-friendly Interface: The application has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, which makes it accessible for all users, regardless of their technical proficiency.
  3. Effective Optimization: The app can effectively clean junk files, manage applications and boost device speed, which can enhance the overall performance of your Android device.
  4. Free to Use: DU Speed Booster is free to download and use, which makes it a cost-effective option for users looking to improve their device’s performance.


  1. Ads and In-App Purchases: The free version of DU Speed Booster includes ads, which some users might find intrusive. Some advanced features may also require in-app purchases.
  2. Potential for Unwanted App Closures: The speed acceleration feature can sometimes close apps that the user might not want to close, which could disrupt ongoing tasks.
  3. Battery Consumption: While performing intensive tasks such as cleaning or optimization, Speed Booster might consume more battery power.
  4. Not an Antivirus: Despite it’s various optimization features, DU Speed Booster does not offer antivirus protection. Users will need a separate antivirus app for that.


Certainly, there are several alternatives to DU Speed Booster that you can consider for optimizing your Android device’s performance:

CCleanerCCleaner is a well-known optimization tool that cleans up junk files, cache and other unnecessary data from your device. It also offers an app manager and system monitor to control resources effectively.
Clean MasterClean Master is another popular option that provides similar features to DU Speed Booster, including junk file cleaning, phone boost and CPU cooler to prevent your device from overheating. It also comes with an antivirus function to protect your device.
AVG CleanerDeveloped by the well-known antivirus company AVG, this app not only cleans up junk files and optimizes photos but also extends battery life by turning off unnecessary functions.
All-In-One ToolboxAs the name suggests, this app offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including a junk cleaner, speed booster, CPU cooler, battery saver and even a batch app installer and uninstaller.
Norton CleanFrom the makers of the Norton Antivirus software, Norton Clean provides a robust cleaning service to remove junk files, residual files and cache to free up storage and improve device performance.

DU Speed Booster FAQs

Is DU Speed Booster free to use?

Yes, DU Speed Booster is free to download and use. It may offer in-app purchases for additional features or to remove ads.

Is DU Speed Booster safe?

As of my last update in September 2021, DU Speed Booster was considered safe to use. However, always download apps from official sources like Google Play Store and regularly update your software for the best security.

Does DU Speed Booster really boost the speed of my device?

DU Speed Booster can potentially improve your device’s performance by clearing out junk files, managing apps and freeing up system resources. However, the extent of the speed boost can vary depending on the specific device and it’s condition.

Can DU Speed Booster harm my device?

When used correctly, Speed Booster should not harm your device. However, be careful not to indiscriminately stop processes or uninstall apps that may be essential to your device’s functioning.

Can DU Speed Booster improve gaming performance?

Yes, DU Speed Booster includes a Game Booster feature that aims to improve the gaming experience by optimizing your device’s resources.

How often should I use DU Speed Booster?

This largely depends on your usage patterns. If you frequently download and uninstall apps or files, you may need to use it more often. For regular users, running Speed Booster once every few weeks should suffice.

Can DU Speed Booster work on non-Android devices like iPhones?

No, DU Speed Booster is specifically designed for Android devices. As of September 2021, there’s no iOS version available


In a nutshell, Speed Booster is a comprehensive tool designed to improve the performance of Android devices. It’s array of features from speed acceleration to network optimization ensures that your device is running at it’s optimal capacity. Whether you’re a casual user or a heavy gamer, DU Speed Booster can help keep your device in top shape, providing a smoother and more efficient user experience. As always, it’s essential to download apps like Speed Booster from reputable sources such as the Google Play Store to ensure the safety and security of your device.


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