How HP created a strong consumer base in 2021

Hewlett Packard or HP is one of the leading laptop producing companies in the world, with its products finding equal appreciation in the market when compared to other regions. The high-end quality of its laptops, followed by an excellent after-sales service experience, has led to the company making such a mark in this segment.   

Affordability is another area where HP products tend to excel. Most of the HP i5 laptop price remains budget-friendly, thereby allowing consumers to acquire these high-performing models with ease.

How does HP win consumers’ minds?

HP laptops are known for their robust features, impeccable designs, excellent performance and battery life. No matter which model you choose, all of them promise to deliver in these specific areas.

Here are some of the most important aspects of HP devices, where the company has made immense strides.

Powerful processors

The processor seemingly impacts the performance of the laptops to the greatest extent. As such, it is imperative to opt for high-end processors while purchasing your favourite laptop.   Also, the HP i5 laptop price remains reasonable regardless of whether it sports an AMD processor or an Intel chipset. For instance, the HP 240 G7 Notebook sports a 10th Gen Intel Core i3, which is the perfect configuration for most professionals, with a pricing of around Rs.31,500.

Stunning design

HP laptops find immense popularity in the market for their classic design. Sleek and thin models are perfect to captivate young consumers. The OMEN Laptop15-en0037AX, for example, not only sports backlit keyboard but also allows for customisation of RGB. The enlarged touchpad helps in gaming and control.

Eye-catching display


Besides the slower hard disk drives in budget-friendly models, mid-range and high-end HP laptops also ship with SSD. Solid-state drives can ensure faster boot-up times and enhanced file transfer speeds as well. For the quickest file transfer speeds, consumers can also seek NVMe SSD storage in certain HP laptops.

HP laptops offer some of the best screen quality, ensuring clear and crisp visuals. The screen sizes can range from 11.6 inches to 22 inches. Compared to other laptops, these options are considered the best for their enhanced brightness and stunning colours. Gaming variants also sport impressive refresh rate, allowing for smoother visuals. 

Starting from the 16GB eMMC storage in the HP Chromebook 11A G6 EE model to the HP ZBook Studio G7 Mobile Workstation with 2TB of NVMe SSD, HP products offer a wide variety based on your budget.

Long-lasting battery life

The battery life of a laptop directly determines how long users can utilise the same without needing to plug it in to charge. HP does not disappoint in this regard, ensuring the maximum usage. This is especially beneficial to professionals who are dependent on such devices for long stretches in a day.


The company produces laptops for various price segments, which is why one can look for diverse HP i5 laptop price based on their budgetary restrictions. Still, regardless of the model one chooses, the company’s pricing is always competitive.

Pricing for the company’s laptops start from around Rs.20,000 for base models like the HP 250 G7 Notebook. On the other hand, the ZBook Studio G7 Mobile Workstation costs well over Rs.4 lakh.

Quick support

When it comes to quality, HP laptops are one of the most reliable ones to consider. Additionally, the brand employs experienced and skilled technicians who are ready to assist 24/7. Any issues that you encounter, this in-house team can provide effective solutions.

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HP is known for its diverse product portfolio. This brand has built a strong market place with its innovation and development.


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