How to Reverse Image Search on TikTok?

On today’s digital circuit, images are integral to our digital experience. With the popularity of TikTok, users create and share visually appealing content in the form of videos and images. However, as a TikTok user, you may encounter situations where you find an image on the platform that piques your interest and you are still looking for its source or origin


You do a reverse image search when the image you want to publish. This feature on TikTok allows you to obtain information from the original source of the image. Here, we will examine how to conduct a reverse-image search on TikTok specifically for your convenience.

What is Reverse Image Search on TikTok?

Reverse-image search is the process of using an image to find a picture using an image instead of a search engine. 


This process involves uploading an image to a search engine and discovering where else that picture appears. Users need only upload an image to perform a reverse-image search on TikTok.

How to reverse image search on TikTok?

You can use TikTok’s social media feature to search for image results manually by using tools such as Google Images,Tineye, or reverse photo lookup tools. To perform a reverse image search on TikTok, follow the steps!

  •  Open the Tiktok app on your computer or mobile, and find the video and image you want to search reverse. 
  • Once you have the photo or video downloaded, take a screenshot of it and save to your device.
  • Visit any popular search engine like Google Images or Tineye and click on “Upload Images.” 
  • From there, click the camera icon near the search bar and upload your saved image. 
  • The results page will display links from different sources where that particular image has been used.

What can Reverse Image Search on TikTok be used for?

  • Reverse image search has been used for different purposes, including identifying fake news and tracking down copyright infringement. 
  •  Reverse image search on TikTok enables users to access the source for a video or image uploaded on the network.
  • Another way reverse image search on TikTok can be used is by searching for members of TikTok who falsify their identities or profiles by using fake images. 
  • By using a viewed picture of a person on the platform and searching for the social network that uses an identical or very similar image in the reverse image search option, you can identify any other profiles where this picture is being used. 
  • This will help you catch catfishers and scammers who may be using fake images to deceive others.
  • Reverse image search can help you determine the validity of media files. With so many fake videos circulating today, using reverse image search can help you find and affirm legitimate videos, and thereby protect your business’s intellectual property rights. In addition, by uploading photos of your own company or products you can check if they have been used elsewhere.



Q= Can I perform a reverse image search on TikTok from my computer?

A= You can choose from several reverse image search functions online, but the image you want to search needs to be a screenshot that you saved on your system or mobile device. After you save your screenshot, you can upload it to the reverse image search website online.

Q= Can I perform a reverse image search on a private TikTok account?

A= No, Reverse image search on a private TikTok profile cannot be possible. The profile has to be public for you to search images.


Reverse image search on TikTok is a powerful tool that can be used for verification, copyright protection, and discoverability. TikTok features make it easy for users to perform a reverse image search on its platform, helping them locate other videos with images that match their originals.By using this feature, you can ensure the authenticity of TikTok videos, protect your content, and find new trends and creators to follow. Overall, reverse image search is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to enjoy their TikTok experience.



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