QuickBooks Error Code 1904: Fix The Install Issue Easily (Solutions for ALL)

Trying to install QuickBooks? Facing some system failure issues? All such problems are quite common in QuickBooks. All these troubles fall under the domain of Error 1904 QuickBooks. You can encounter This error during the installation of the software and cause system failure.

This is just enough to know about the prevalence of this error in your system. You must be here to find the easy and quickest ways to troubleshoot this issue and proceed with your free-flow work. You are quite lucky as this is just a matter of a few clicks.

But these clicks must be perfect, so we are here to guide you through the article with all the possible solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error 1904. Now wasting any more of a minute, let us start the topic for our day: QuickBooks Error Code 1904.    

Quickbooks Error 1904: Introduction

The Quickbooks error 1904 is an update error that happens while installing the software Quickbooks. It can also occur due to the windows component not being synchronized properly at the point of installation.

Updating your OS can also cause the error 1904 and module failed register error prevails in the system. 

But there are many other causes that can give birth to this issue discussed below. 

Quickbooks Error 1904: Causes For Existence

The causes for prevalence of the 1904 error are as follows: 

  • The QBs company file being corrupted and broken. This error prevails in case some Quickbooks-related files get damaged, this will disrupt the C++ framework in Quickbooks.
  • There can be different issues occurring at once. The data files namely dll and qbupdate.exe must have been corrupted because of which the Visual MS C++ components are not functioning properly.
  • After the OS update, some of the important files & folders get lost, missing, or broken. 
  • Also, once you upgrade your PC from Windows 7 OS to Windows 10 OS, then there is a high probability that you may witness this error.
  • Damage to the important Microsoft-related components required for the functioning of the software can also cause the Quickbooks Error 1904.

After having a brief understanding of 1904 Error QuickBooks, let us come to the most important part of our post. We will be discussing the solutions to fix this error below. 

Quickbooks Error 1904: Methods to Troubleshoot

Follow each and every method one by one till you get the perfect solution for resolving the error. Read below. 

Method 1: Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool Use

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to tap on the ignore button coming on the error message screen again and again. Now, continue the process of installing Quickbooks but you must not open the software.
  • Now, you will have to reboot your system now.
  • Next, visit the Intuit website and look for QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.  
  • Download the exe file of QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Moving on, launch the downloaded exe file. 
  • Further, you will see the wizard to install diagnostic tool QuickBooks.
  • Click on Next and accept the terms and conditions license agreement.
  • Lastly, tap on the tab Finish and you are all set to use the tool.
  • Launch the qb install diagnostic tool and go to the Scan button.
  • In a few moments’ time, the scanning process will self-detect the error and then fix it instantly.
  • Now, just restart your computer system and check for the existence of the 1904 error.

Method 2: Activating the Built-in Administrator

For setting up the built-in administrator, do as per the directions given here.

Step 1: Activation

  • Use the Windows key on the keyboard.
  • Further, click on the search field and write up Command.
  • Now, do a right-click on CMD/ Command Prompt/ cmd.exe and then select Run as administrator.
  • Under the command window, you need to enter the net user administrator /active:yes. 
  • Lastly, tap Enter.

Step 2: Switching

  • Hold the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys on the keyboard to access the task manager. 
  • Moving on, choose the option Switch User Windows 8 Users. You need to use the Windows button and tap on the user icon.
  • Now, hold the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys simultaneously. 
  • Further, you need to choose the icon named Default Administrator Account.

Step 3: Hiding

  • As guided above, you need to go to the search field.
  • Within the search field, type up net user administrator /active:no. 
  • Tap the Enter key.

Step 4: Installation Security Settings

  • Firstly, you need to go to the C:\Program Files\Common Files.
  • Next, do a right-click on the Common files and then choose the tab Properties.
  • Navigate to the Security tab and select the option Edit
  • Now, select the tab named Users.
  • You will get a tab namely Permissions for users. Under this tab you need to grant permission to Modify, Read and Execute, List Folder Contents, Write, and Read.
  • At last, click on the option Apply and then OK.

Solutions For Two Basic Conditions:

First Condition: Windows Bit Defender

At many times, the Windows Bit Defender blocks the installation of the software QuickBooks, which further leads to the Quickbooks error code 1904. So, we need to switch off the Windows Bit Defender. But that is not the case. The perfect resolution is to add C:\Program Files\Common Files for 32 bit and C:\Program Files\Intuit\C:\Program for 64-bit window during the process of installation.

Second Condition: Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player can be one of the reasons for the existence of this error. You just need to uninstall the flash player. For this, follow the steps given here.

  • Firstly, go to the Control Panel.
  • Click on the tab Programs/Features.
  • Now, to uninstall, you have to choose the Adobe Flash Player.
  • Follow the directions coming on the desktop screen.
  • In a few moments’ time, you will no longer have the flash player in your system and the error 1904 too.

Winding Up!

This article is all about Quick Books Error Code 1904 including its causes for occurrence and the easy solutions for all the users troubled by this issue. We tried the best of our efforts to provide you with this valuable content. We hope you are no longer in any sort of 1904 Quick books trouble. 



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