Some Useful Tips & Tricks to Convert, Save PDF files

PDF conversion has become a basic attribute of several online pdf applications. Buyers can find all these applications everywhere but some of them are accessible after a premium charge. Now it is not only used for the conversion as it is not enough but also is availed for pdf compressor, to reduce pdf size and to shrink pdf file. Furthermore, people require high-quality modified pdf files without any watermark. People also have short time so they want their work to be done speedily so, a pdf compressor allows them to compress pdf files in a short time. Tips for Tools

How to create a pdf file is mostly asked question, below are some tips used to generate a pdf file.

Adobe Acrobat is the best way to generate a pdf file. It also gives paid resources. You can use its premium version for a 7-day free trial but, if you don’t want to pay for it, you can use other options to create and compress pdf files that are; iLovepdf, Smallpdf, etc. 

Microsoft Word is another useful trick used to create pdf files, it can also be used as a pdf compressor. You just need to double-click a Word file, click the Open option and choose “Browse” to upload the file. Once you create your document in Word, click the “share” option and then “share as an attachment” then click share as PDF.

Online Conversion and compression of PDFs to and from Other Formats 

There are several pdf compressors, online converters, and creators. You can use them to convert website content and other formats into pdf and can also compress them through it. Files can be saved after the conversion and compression, most of the tools need some technicalities to convert and compress files but, it is an easy and simple way to upload files from Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Merging PDF Files Online

PDF files can be combined by using pdf merger, which means to merge one or two files into one complete file. Merging is a productive way to make it simple for clients to study and share the files in no time.

Editing Existing Text in PDF Files

PDF files can easily be read, but their editing is not easy. To edit online you need to pay for premium versions. To edit text online and offline you can use some tools like, you can wield Online PDF Editor to edit files online. Nitro Pro PDF Editor is used to edit offline pdf files.

 Saving a Webpage as PDF Document

When you wish to convert a webpage into a PDF instantly, the fastest way is to modify the webpage through the browser. For example, on Google Chrome you are going to save a webpage, give a try to this procedure. Click Ctrl+P to join the print style. Mac users can click Cmd+P then press the pointer to choose the printer, now press “save as PDF” to change the webpage to a pdf file.


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