7 Reasons Why You Should Add Social Media Feeds To Your Website

Website is the online storefront of your business. Your customers will come to learn about your business through your website. You must grab your customers’ attention at first sight and engage them throughout their journey on your website. 

One best way to increase your customer interaction on your website is when you add social media feeds. It will connect with your customers with realistic, interesting, and attractive content on your website. 

With the social media aggregator tool, you can easily collect and display social media feeds from multiple social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and enhance the appearance of your website. 

Many big brands’ websites are leveraging social media feeds on their website for a reason. Do you want to know why the new-age marketers are emphasizing on adding social media feeds on their websites? 

Here below are some amazing reasons that you should know about to add social media feeds to your website. 

Let’s get started!

1. Display Social Proof & Networking Of Your Website

Adding social media feeds to your website will help in increasing the social proof of your website. Displaying social media feeds on your website lets your website visitors know about the social presence of your website. It will also display the type of content you share on social media channels with your customers. 

With that, it will also make it easier for your visitors and customers to discover your official social media accounts on different social media platforms. In addition, displaying social media feeds will encourage your customers to connect with your brand on social channels and get regular updates about your business and products directly through social media channels. 

2. Increase Audience Engagement & Dwell Time

Do you know the biggest reason people use social media channels and spend most of their leisure time on these platforms? Social media channels are full of vibrant colors, creativity, entertainment, and real-life captures, which induce interest and keep people engaged with the content. 

When you display such content on your website, it will improve the audience engagement on your website as they receive the same experience of social media channels directly on your website. 

Your website visitors will like to explore social media content on your website, which will increase the dwell time of visitors on your website.  

3. Display Social Media Posts

Adding social media technology feeds to your website will introduce your customers to the social media posts of your business and brand. Social media posts will also add unique content to your website, other than infographics, professionally created images, branded content, etc. 

Social media feeds will offer your audience ac content that they can easily relate to and enjoy exploring on your website. Moreover, displaying social media posts will add all the official social media accounts to your website, which will allow your audience to easily connect with you on social media channels. 

4. Leverage User-Generated Content

One of the greatest advantages you will get with adding social media feeds on your website is that you can leverage user-generated content created by your customers, followers, and fans voluntarily for your brand. 

To smartly promote and do marketing for your brand, user-generated content is what you need to enhance your marketing and get the best results out of your efforts. 

The benefits of exhibiting your user-generated content are numerous, but foremost it is the critical content that will expand traffic with a higher conversion rate on your website.

5. Boost Authenticity & Credibility 

Displaying social proof and user-generated content will boost authentic content on your website. As a result, your website visitors will trust more in the content shared by real people than brand-created content. 

Social media feeds will build the reliability and trust of visitors to your website. When online frauds are growing, and many customers face trouble trusting online shopping, realistic, authentic, and credible content is on your website. 

6. Decrease Bounce Rate On Website

Displaying social media content will increase your visitors’ dwell time and engagement on your website. When visitors stay for a long duration and keep engaged with the content on your website, Google considers it a good sign that your internet users are finding your website relevant and informative. 

It will eventually lead to a lower bounce rate and increase the authority of your website. 

7. Enhance Website Interface

Last but not least, user experience is the utmost important factor that every website owner should pay attention to. It will enhance the website’s appearance and make it vibrant, attractive, and alluring that catches up the visitor experience in seconds when you add social media feeds to your website. 

You might spend lots of money creating infographics and other content that improves user experience, but believe when you add social media feeds, it will spontaneously improve the appearance and make your website highly user-friendly. 


These are the seven reasons why one should embed or add social media feeds on their website. Then, when your competitors are working on building high-quality, professionally created content, you can take advantage of this socially proof, authentic, realistic, and trustworthy content on your website. 



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