5 Best Writing Apps For Students

The best writing apps for students are the ones that allow them to write fast, clear and without any mistakes and make sure their written work is as accurate as possible. 

When it comes to writing, there are many different types of apps or programs that can help students with writing a paper, drafting an assignment, or even just taking notes in general.

When it comes to choosing an app for a student’s writing needs, there are so many to choose from. Below is a list of the five best apps that can help students write more effectively:

  1. For Editing and Taking Notes– Editpad 

Every student needs a free writing editor that can help compose texts or take notes for later use for their assignments and essay writing. If it is the case with you, 

The Editpad offers a free service to save your notes and keep them organised so that you can access them later when needed. 

It is a free text editor that allows you to create and edit plain text files in your smart devices.  Other significant features available with the Editpad app include:

  • Text bolding
  • Bullets 
  • Highlighting text 
  • Multiple font styles
  • Inserting links

This free app is easily downloadable on your android, iPhone, and Microsoft devices. You can also open this tool on a web browser to record all your important notes and files. 

Moreover, it helps students easily save files and share them with their fellows and teacher. However, if you need to enjoy real-time collaboration with your fellow members, this is not the tool to go for. 

  1. For Avoiding Grammatical Errors– Grammarly Keyboard

Let’s face the facts. When it comes to academic writing, even if you have generated high-quality material, if it has grammatical errors, it affects your grades greatly. 

If you want to demonstrate your expertise in a certain subject while still adhering to fundamental writing principles, then consider using the Grammarly Keyboard app as a possible solution. 

In addition to increasing the overall vocabulary of your papers and assignments, this is one of the finest writing apps for correcting any grammatical errors while writing emails, social media posts, or even text messages.

Grammarly keyboard is an online grammar-checking keyboard software that can be used for free on mobile devices. 

The reason why it’s different from other keyboard apps is that it not only detects errors but also suggests corrections. 

You can also use this tool as a spell checker, punctuation corrector, as well as a vocabulary enhancement tool. More features that come with this app include; 

  • Free to install
  • Integrate with other apps smoothly
  • Quick error detection 
  • Improves your writing skills  
  1. For Composing Group Assignments That Needs Collaboration– Google Docs

It’s fairly common in colleges that teachers ask students to cooperate on writing tasks such as thesis, or report writing. 

To complete the assignment, each person has to complete their bit, and then it is put together at the end to ensure that the document made sense from beginning to end. 

This strategy, however, has its drawbacks since so many people are engaged, making it difficult to keep track of which versions are the most updated. 

When using Google Docs, this drawback can be overcome because everyone is working on the same document, which is automatically updated and saved when changes are made.

To put it simply, Google Docs is designed for collaboration. You can create a document, invite others to it, and then share it with all of the participants. 

Each participant can then add their own changes to the document simultaneously so that everyone is working on the same version of the document at once. 

This makes it ideal for group projects or class assignments that need to be submitted together.

Other noteworthy features include; 

  • Creating and editing files 
  • Even if you’re not connected to the Internet, you can still get work done.
  • Enables you to make comments and answer them.
  • Your work is automatically saved as you write
  • Files automatically save on Drive.
  • Edit and save files in MS Word and PDF formats.
  1. To make sure your Writing is Duplication Free – Plagiarism Checker

Students often struggle to write original and unique content as they are not professional writers and often get accused of plagiarism. Here, 

Plagiarism checking app can help as it is developed to detect the similarity in your content while comparing it to the billions of online content files. 

We recommend you use the plagiarism checking app. Why? It gives results based on deep search technology, ensuring that your text is fresh and duplication free. 

It’s an excellent way to ensure that you aren’t accidentally submitting someone else’s work as your own. 

It also has an easy-to-use interface and support for multiple languages, making it a great option for international students who may be required to submit assignments in different languages. 

If you want to make sure that your work is 100% original, use this app to pass your paper before submitting it to your teacher. 

You can effortlessly download this most useful app on android, mac, and iPhones. It is 100% free to install. 

Other features include;

  • Accurate and fast results
  • Easy usage 
  • Support Pdf, Docx, and txt files. 
  • Give results with matched sources
  1. For Making Your Writing More Polished– Merriam Webster Dictionary 

Whether you’re writing a paper for your assignment, or an email to your professors, you all need a dictionary at some point. Without a doubt, students need to write a lot of papers during the academic years, and they need to search for different terms to polish up their writing tasks. 

It is difficult for them to carry a physical dictionary everywhere in their bags. This app is the solution to this common concern. 

Merriam Webster Dictionary app is a dictionary and thesaurus in one! It has over two million words so you can lookup any word that comes to mind while writing your paper. 

The best part about this app is that it also includes synonyms and antonyms for each word so you have more options when searching for the perfect word. 

However, if you are looking for an app that will help make your writing more polished then this is definitely one to consider!

Use the Best Writing Apps to Uplift Your Academic Success

Students in school, colleges, and even in universities have a lot of writing tasks to complete such as essays, thesis, and research papers. These five tools give you enough options for writing and editing papers easier and time-saving. 



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