Zillow Clone App – How To Create Your Own Real Estate App in 2022?

The real estate market has evolved dramatically. Quick listing systems were required to centralize all properties in a given area. Zillow is an app that meets this need of users—making the entire property search and acquisition process more convenient. Many companies have copied the Zillow app’s success.


The real estate market is competitive, so participants must have a solid digital presence. To assist in dealing with the situation, a real-estate listing app like Zillow appeared in 2006 and changed the game of the real-estate business worldwide. The assistance provided by these platforms benefits all parties. Buyers, sellers, and agents are typical examples of parties. As a result, these three types of people become potential customers for the company that owns similar applications. Companies prefer the Zillow clone app because of the lower development costs and customizability.

How Do You Create A Zillow-Clone Real Estate App?

There are numerous steps in developing a modern mobile app, from market research to deciding on features and launching the application. Zillow necessitates numerous features, which require a significant amount of time and money to develop from the ground up. Businesses choose Zillow clone or create an MVP (Minimum Variable Product) model. Due to limited funding, small start-ups frequently select these options. The MVP model is based on the idea of starting small and eventually scaling up to the full potential that the company hopes to achieve with the application.

The Benefits of Zillow Clone Script

1) Property Listing (Zillow Clone Script)

Compiling a comprehensive list of properties on the Zillow clone app is critical. Keep it up to date once a list of suitable properties has been created. The app’s success is dependent on the listing of real estate properties and the maintenance of an enormous database with new properties being added and removed regularly. It is possible that clients do not have extensive data collection, but good development companies source it from existing listings, such as MLS contracts, or purchase a base entirely.

2) Management of Bids

There is a bid management option available in the real estate app. This feature aids in the regulation of the bidding process for the properties listed on the application. During the Zillow clone bidding process, bidders place their prices, and the property is sold at the highest price made during the auction. The online process is carried out with caution to avoid classes between the parties, as such cases result in the company losing valuable customers.

3) Map Search Advanced

The best Zillow clone script incorporates advanced search options into the clone app. It is a necessary component of any good real estate application. This feature allows app users to search through the database of properties listed on the app and find the options that are ideal for them. It also allows you to filter out properties based on predefined criteria such as place, location, etc. The most significant advantage of advanced search is that it provides users with real-time results.

4) Management of Leads

It is a valuable feature for the agents present in the clone application. This feature is all about generating leads that turn into potential customers. It gives agents a list of buyers and sellers for a specific property to act as a bridge between them. Please provide them with a list of properties available to them as well.

5) Reviews / Ratings

The rating and review feature aids users in their search for agents on the application. They can hire the agent based on the ratings or reviews of previous customers. This feature also maintains the agents’ integrity, as they would work to make the clients happy to receive a high rating and positive review from them. The company can also track agents who consistently receive negative feedback and low ratings and remove them from the application.

6) Registration of Users/Agents/Builders

User registration is the essential feature of any app, including the Zillow clone. It enables all app users, including buyers, sellers, and agents, to register for the app by providing proper credentials. A valid phone number, a working email address, or both are acceptable credentials. Extra ID proof is optional to provide greater clarity about the users’ identities. A proper registration assures users that genuine people are present on the app.

7) Useful Calculators

It is a unique feature that distinguishes the Zillow clone app from others. Having an integrated value calculator allows app users to calculate various values such as the mortgage of the listed property, the rent amount if the users wish to rent the property or the purchase amount of the property. Quick estimates keep users from needing to use additional tools for these calculations.


Individuals looking for real estate properties in different parts of the world will benefit from a real estate listing app like Zillow. These apps help users save time and money. Companies can either build the app themselves or partner with companies that offer clone apps.


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