Different Types Of Tablet Computer Technologies in 2021

From time to time different gadgets have taken the market by storm. Now, if we consider the example, then during the mid-2000s, smartphones suddenly became popular. So, these kinds of technological advancements always led to the introduction of something new every time.

Curiosity and experimentation have motivated some smart geeks to create something that is kind of an oversized smartphone using similar mobile technology.

This oversized smartphone now known as a tablet computer has evolved like rapid fire. And, with time they have also replaced the traditional laptops.

There are tons of factors that have made tablets viable computing options such as memory, wireless internet access, battery life, display resolution, etc.

To give you more clear understanding of tablet computers, we have concise information about  tablet computers:

What are Tablet Computers and what makes them so popular?

A tablet computer is a portable PC whose paramount interface is a touch screen that occupies the full length and width of the device. But, one can not use it for hand-held calling since its speaker and microphone are not positioned in that way. In popular perception, a tablet is compatible with home/ office and cellular data networks. It is simply the best combination of key features that smartphones and laptop PCs have. Tablets have comparatively longer battery life and storage capacity than a typical smartphone. You can easily carry a tablet because of its lightweight feature as well.

Different Types Of Tablet Computer:

Slate Tablet:

The slate tablet is one of the most traditional forms of tablet computer that you can find almost everywhere. Slates help to enable people to plug in a keyboard, mouse, external hard disks, or whatever support that is needed. It may come in regular or mini sizes. The best part about slate tablets is that they are slim, portable, and lightweight. These tablets cannot turn into a full-sized laptop but they can give the assurance of usage and flexibility. You can easily find a slate tablet like an Apple iPad from Amazon offers

Hybrid Tablet:

A hybrid tablet can be perceived as a slate tablet with an optional keyboard. These tablets are super flexible and come in different designs. And, based on these designs, sometimes a keyboard can function as a dock as well. 

It is also referred to as a convertible hybrid notebook. A hybrid tablet has a removable display that functions independently as a slate. The only hassle with a hybrid tablet is to attach and detach the keyboard. And, sometimes the replacement parts can be expensive too.

Convertible Tablets:

Convertible laptops have a unique advantage in that they can be folded 180 degrees backward. These laptops have a touchscreen and keyboard. Convertible models allow the user to input through various methods apart from the keyboard, like a stylus or a digital pen, and through screen-based software keyboards.

Convertible laptops have the same level of performance as any other laptops and tablets. And they do not require any external keyboard and mouse. The problem with them is they are a bit heavier than the regular slates because of their mechanism. That is why they are uncomfortable when handheld for a longer period of time.

Flipkart is one of the amazing websites when it comes to buying any gadgets online. If you have any Flipkart gift card voucher then you can comfortably use that to buy a convertible Tablet computer.

Rugged Tablets:

A rugged tablet is a slate-like model that is designed to withstand rough handling and extreme conditions. These tablets are an excellent choice for people who work in harsh environments. As they are specifically designed with extra rubber padding that helps them to combat the shock. These tablets are encased in a thick protective shell which is dustproof and waterproof too. These are some of the most reliable tablets that do not break easily. One must take care that they do not invest in heavy and bulky rugged tablets. In addition, their cost is quite more than the regular slates.

Foldable Smartphones:

These smartphones can easily be folded and become twice the screen size. According to some people, this is not considered a tablet but one can definitely call it a smartphone-tablet hybrid. 

Apart from the specific functions, there are other advantages of having a foldable smartphone, it can easily fit into deep pockets because of its foldable feature. It is a flexible device that can act both as a smartphone and a tablet. Because of the limited lifespan of the folding screen, it can be a very expensive gadget.


A phablet can be defined as an amalgamation of a phone and a tablet. They are bigger than usual smartphones but smaller than the usual tablets. They can be used as mobile phones too. These phablets are useful for those who like big screens.



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