The Best Option To Share APK Files Through WhatsApp?

Today, WhatsApp is one of the highly used online software on Andriod smart phone devices. It is excellent to use for calling or sending messages online via the internet. People can easily transfer or send any type and format of files through this software between two smartphones. However, every software has certain criteria and limits while using it.

People can only able to send images, audio, and video formats to their friends and family as per their desired needs. But, it is unable to transfer and software or EXE files or large space files through the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp set the image resolution and compresses the file before transferring it to the recipient.

It is for sure, the compression of the file format such as any HD video reduces its original quality as well and becomes low quality at the recipient’s end. Moreover, the maximum size that can be easily transferred through the WhatsApp in the form of video format is maximum 12 MB. So, to overcome this problem; there is a famous Android app called CloudSend. It is found to be the best software application used on smartphones technology that support in transferring the file format in its original format and quality.

CloudSend is capable of transferring any file format using your smartphone device using SMS or WhatsApp through Dropbox app. It is recommended to download and install Dropbox app before downloading the smart CloudSend App on Android smartphone device.

You can open the Dropbox app and register and create your account on it. Then you can log in to go further for installing the CloudSend App. Here you are with the services of CloudSend that allows to share or send any APK file easily and transfer any file format to the recipient.


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