How To Find Uninstalled APK Files And Delete Them?

Whenever you install any App or save any file in your Android smart phones or tablets etc. Their memory is soon filled up very quickly with the anonymous files that you download for your specific needs. Even, when you uninstall or delete those Apps or media files; they still remain in the root directories.

After same process of apk files installing and deleting; you think that those files or Apps are completely deleted or uninstalled. But, some of the system files still remains somewhere in the system directories and use a huge space for no reason. You will also find your mobile phone daily running out of memory and it should need to manage it at once.

How can I find all the uninstalled APK files on my Android phone and delete them?

For this purpose, you have to get a precise file manager App whose main task is to find out the uninstalled APK files.

There are so many types of file managing Apps and every one of them have a specific method of removing or deleting the exact file you are looking to from your Android phone device.

Among so many Apps.

there is a precise way to find all the uninstalled APK files that still remained in your Android phones. Thus, you can use this App called Total Commander and install it on your Android phone set. This is an ultimate and definite file browser for searching and deleting the unnecessary Android files.

Soon after installing the Total Commander; you can search for the required APK files using the extension as .apk as the root directory and delete all of them once for all.


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