Why Should You Opt for Samsung Mobile Insurance Policy? Find out!

Samsung is one the leading smartphone brands in the country and is reported to have recorded a sale of more than 6.7 million in the Q1 of the year 2020-21. Not just this Samsung also holds a market share of approximately 20% in the Indian share market which in itself reflects the high demand of these high-end tech enabled phones

The reason for this massive popularity of Samsung phones is its state-of-art features, look, finish and price. With such amazing features in place the cost of a high-end Samsung phone is quite high which means that any damage to your Samsung phone can also be quite damaging to your pocket. Hence having a Samsung mobile insurance cover in place works as a safety shield for your pocket and increases the life of your Samsung mobile phone. 

A Samsung mobile protection plan is now available online and can be easily procured at the insurers site. There has been a sudden upsurge in the various mobile insurance plans in India such as the Samsung screen protection plan and the Samsung mobile protection plan which is available at affordable premiums. Therefore, at minimal premiums you can save yourself from a sudden jerk of huge financial loss. India’s leading brand Bajaj Finserv offers a Mobile Protection Plan that provides high coverage with affordable premiums which is worth exploring. 

Bajaj Finserv offers two types of Mobile Protection Plans- CPP MOBILE PROTECT and CPP FONESAFE LITE that cover both phones as well as screen damage. We have listed down some of the very important reasons why every Samsung mobile owner must have a mobile insurance cover in India-

  • The cost of repairs and replacement for a damaged phone can be highly expensive– A Samsung smartphone can range from anything between 20,000- 1,00,000 Rs. and any damage to a high-end Samsung phone can be very tormenting both financially and mentally. In such cases having a phone insurance can save you from a lot of problems. The best part about having an insurance plan of the kind, is minimal premiums with high coverage which help in covering for almost any repairs needed for your phone.
  • The display can be easily damaged– In most cases it is the screen/display that is damaged due to an accident or any other reason. The screen of most smartphones is fragile and is sometimes damaged by falling from a certain height. These may be fragile but the cost of repair for these screens is quite heavy and that is when having a Samsung screen protection plan can save a lot of effort and money. 
  • A cover for the theft or loss of your phone– For those living in metropolitan cities theft of wallet, phones is a serious concern. Over lakhs of phones have been stolen in the past three years in Bengaluru alone and over 56,000 mobile phones were reported stolen in 2018-19 in Mumbai. Hence, specially in our country having a mobile insurance cover that helps you recover the expense of your phone is extremely necessary. It is you planning your future for a situation where you would lose thousands at the hands of some thief. 
  • Risking the phone repair at unauthorized centers– Once your Samsung phone is damaged; the best alternative option is to get it repaired. The cost of repair for a high-end Samsung phone can be high and that is when your Samsung mobile insurance cover can help you cover the expenses. In case you do not have an insurance cover in place you may end up getting your phone damaged from unauthorized repair centers. Therefore, with an insurance cover it will ensure best quality development repair and intact phone quality. 

The options for a Samsung mobile protection policy are numerous. Therefore, before opting for a policy you can review the various plans and choose what best suits your needs. 



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